Services Provided

The sections below list Pennsylvania providers for each county who provide the necessary tools for continued family team building and court readiness. FCS believes these providers are necessary for building a well-rounded plan for separation and divorce.

Custody Evaluator

Assess the appropriateness of parents and other family members as providers of child care.

Family Lawyer

Provides legal advice regarding separation, divorce and other matters involving family law.


Provides input to adult family members about providing nutritional meals and designing food schedules.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Provides counseling to adult or child members of a family about psychoactive or addictive substances, including alcohol.

Divorce Master

In some states has the authority to conduct legal proceedings involving separation and divorced instead of a family court judge.


Provides psychiatric counseling and treatment.

Divorce Mediator

Helps two family members undergoing separation and/or divorce to reach out-of-court agreements.

Therapist (Age 18 or older)

Provides counseling to adult members of a family, including parents.

Family Court Judge

Has the authority to conduct legal proceedings involving separation and divorce, including decisions regarding support payments, custody, division of assets and alimony.