Scientific Research

FCS continually collects scientific research that is intended to provide sociologists, demographers, public health persons, family court judges and public policy makers plus others in the community with analyses and commentary about scientifically oriented issues of importance to families.

The Family Court-Ordered Private School Boondoggle

Family Court-Ordered Private Schooling Family court judges often force wage earning parents to pay for costly middle and high school educations at private schools (religious or otherwise). The private educations that they push are expensive – typically costing in the range of $10,000 to $50,000 a year – and that’s in addition to school district … more

The Emperor’s Clothes: The Results of an FCS Needs Survey for Separation and Divorce Professionals

Back in February, 2015 Family Change Services posted a survey on its landing page. The idea was simple – what do Pennsylvanians undergoing separation and divorce identify as the most important services they need? Although the sample that was obtained was small (14 respondents), the survey was internally consistent and reinforced what FCS has seen … more

Marriage and Divorce Statistics and Some Troubling Implications for the USA

The Family Court Industry doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with our current system for Separation and Divorce. But marriage and divorce statistics tell a much different story. Thanks, in part, to Family Court’s misguided policies, pandering to wealthy special interest groups and epidemic incompetence the viability of American family life is in big trouble. Take … more


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