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Family Change Services (FCS) was founded by professionals who are dedicated to improving separation and divorce experiences for children, parents, and families. Several founders of FCS have had firsthand experience with separation and divorce (S-D) and rated traditional S-D care as deficient, especially the processes overseen by family courts.The goal of FCS is to provide resources alternative to the traditional court system approach. FCS believes that this will allow families in transition to access more comprehensive and objective information as they make life-changing decisions.

FCS founders and staff have a wide range of professional and scientific backgrounds. These include medicine, epidemiology, education, public policy, business, finance and project management. The FCS philosophy is that effective S-D care should be developed using a modern scientific approach from an evidence-based framework. Our goal as a company is to make cost-effective, non-legalistic, non-confrontational solutions available for both children and parents of divorce.

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