OUR Mission at Family Change Services is to help families find alternative Separation-Divorce "S-D" care services in their local areas, to publish local and national information of value to alternative "S-D" care families, and to advocate at the state and local levels for solutions that minimize the negative consequences of standard, traditional "S-D" care.

OUR Vision is to produce improved short and long-term outcomes for children, parents and families (whether traditional or non-traditional) who have undergone, are currently undergoing, or may in the future undergo separation and/or divorce.

Family Change Services (FCS) is a support community for people who have undergone, are currently undergoing, or in the foreseeable future may undergo separation and/or divorce. Our primary goal is to use the collective consumer and professional experience of your community to facilitate high quality services, services that will help your family transition to a productive post-family team. Our secondary goals are to provide relevant information and advocacy that promote non-confrontational, cost-effective separation and divorce solutions.

Families who are undergoing separation and divorce have high levels of stress, in many cases the most stress that they will ever experience in their entire lives. But this doesn't mean that families can't continue to relate to each other in close and productive ways. FCS believes that, for many children and parents, the key is to build a replacement structure, what we refer to as the post-family team.

Many FCS managers and employees have lived through the challenges of post-family team building. They've seen the negative effects on their children of high conflict interactions. They've seen the high costs due to standard S-D care. FCS believes that there is a much better way - a low conflict, cost-effective approach that we call "alternative separation-divorce (S-D) care".

FCS is committed to providing the resources, information, and advocacy that are needed so that you can develop your own post-family team!

Our Guiding Principles are:
  • Protect children, parents, and families in that order.
  • Reduce parental conflict and accusatory behaviors.
  • Maximize positive outcomes for all family members.
  • Minimize unfavorable outcomes that result from custodial, emotional, and financial damage.
  • Create effective post-family teams.
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